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power washing wood deck
  • Lawn care: seeding & overseeding, sod,  non-chemical weeding
  • Shrubs, flowers and hedges: pruning, trimming, planting, design and arrangement
  • Construction and maintenance: deck, patio, stone walls and walkways, fences and planter

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Flowers, trees, shrubs and plants on Staten Islandīs North Shore

forsythia spring th cleome_th White Snakeroot Ageratina altissima th
Aster th Allium th wild flowers lillies th
Blue Morning Glory bud toad lily th  toad lilies flowers th
 toad lilies flower orange rose flower th   purple flowers
eastern redbud3 th  eastern redbud4 th  Symphoricarpos th
flesh colored rose2 th flesh colored rose th   sedum spectabile stonecrop Sep2013 th
Staten Island spring crocuses th bleeding hearts pink th bleeding hearts white3 th"
pink rose th garden troll snowwhites th Crocuss purple th
peonies St George th flowering dogwood th rhododendron flower th
Iris flowers th daisy th Hibiscus st george3 th
rose pink november th  Colchicum Midland beach Sep2013 th sweet pea stgeorge sep2013 th 
Roses Midland Beach Sep13 th Ipomoea morning glory th Ipomoea bud th
 daisies St George th  hummel basil oregano th cockscomb celosia th 
 decorative cabage th beige rose th  bee in red aster sep2013 th
yellow tiger lillies sep2013 th  red lillies th Duffodils Narcissus th 
crocus spring red brick th  honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae th  peonie bud th 
crape myrtle th  roses old fence th  spring bulp th
 snow drops Galanthus nivalis th beige rose brown shed th  white rose th
 light pink old rose th  white iris th  rhododendron th
 clematis June th  purple iris th  phlox th
 scotch broom flower th scotch broom flower2th Marigold Tagetes erecta th

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