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  • Yes, we mow lawns. We trim hedges, we plant, we weed, we advise and we guide. GRL provides all clients with an eco-friendly service that keeps your garden healthy and saves you money! find out more
  • Want to make your dream garden a reality but don't know where to start? We'll help! Contact us to inquire about our GRL Consultation services
  • We take on regular or spontaneous maintenance assignments and work on individual projects with long and short-term commitments.
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  • Read Our Interview with Melissa McCoy from the EPA about the perils of conventional residential lawn maintenance
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... rooted in tradition, focused on the future -

At GrassRoot Landscaping we're as passionate about nature as we are about our clients. We don't just mow the lawn, we help you foster a beautiful greenspace on your own property that's safe for pollinators (and people!) and gentle on the environment. Instead of enforcing an artificial monoculture with plenty of chemicals and synthetic fertilizer, we use traditional and sustainable practices to foster a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem in your lawn. We never apply Roundup or any other similar herbicides. We maintain a fleet of electric cargo bikes and use hand powered tools where feasible. Our green practices, rooted in tradition and focused on the future, will keep your property looking great and save you money.

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Respect & Reuse

We work towards a garden design that is one with its environment. We love to use, reuse and recycle objects that we find on our work sites. Old brick, drift wood, flower pots, tin buckets, nature rock: Let us create an inspiring and unique garden environment with your backyards' hidden treasures!

Grassroot Landscaping Community Engagements:

Starting in 2020, we decided to open-up, reach out and engage more with our immediate community. We're always (potentially) there for collaborative types of works/ projects that benefit the quality of life in our neighborhood.

NYPL St. George, Fall planting/ pruning, Oct 2022

PS 59 the Harbor View School, veggie and learning garden, season 2021

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Job Opportunities   

Join Grassroot’s Landscaping Team!

We're always looking for reliable, hard working individuals. You're the right person for this job if you:
- love nature
- are able to work in sometimes serious weather conditions, hot or cold
- care about details
- are punctual
- bring a can-do attitude

Call (929) 370-2054 or send us an email to apply!

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Environmental Links:

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